About Us

The International Center of Excellence in Food Risk Communication was established in 2011 as a collaborative initiative among global food and health organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and expert nonprofit communication organizations. The Center was founded on the belief that it is important to have a collective international resource of food-specific risk communication materials which are dedicated to enabling informed decision-making to promote global health.

The Center’s website – www.foodriskcommunications.org – serves as a knowledge platform where resources, including those provided by the International Partners, and expertise are shared with stakeholders to help ensure effective communication and informed decision-making along the food chain.


Risk is defined as the probability that an exposure to a hazard will lead to a negative consequence. The process of measuring risk involves quantifying uncertainty.


Food risk communication is the process of sharing information about potential food risks between government officials, health professionals, academicians, food producers, journalists, and other stakeholders and the public.

In order to have effective food risk communication, stakeholders should share knowledge and understanding about potential risk in a manner that helps individuals make well-informed decisions. It is a practice that is relevant to situations encountered every day, such as weight management or washing your hands, as well as rare situations, such as intentional contamination of the food supply.

Effective food risk communication fosters a better understanding of both the reality and perception of food risk, so that authorities, experts, and other stakeholders can communicate more successfully and the public can react appropriately.

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International Partners

Working closely with International Partner Organizations, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation serves as the primary facilitator of the Center and manages its website.  The IFIC Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization with the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, nutrition, and food safety for the public good.

Other Institutions Involved in Risk Communication and Additional Resources

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