National food safety risk assessment center (China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA)) by the State Commission for Public Sector 
Reform is approved by the Office, using the Council Decision of supervision and management of public health institutions, was established in October 13,

As a national technical agencies responsible for food safety risk assessment, closely around " to ensure food safety and public health food safety risk
management techniques to support "the purpose of national food safety risk assessment center bears "from farm to table" the whole process of food 
Security Risk Management technical support tasks, both serving in the government's risk management, but also to serve the public in science education, 
but also to serve the innovation and development of the industry.

National food safety risk assessment center has just set sail, it carries the expectations of the parties eagerly. We will continue to pragmatic 
innovation, carefully performed its duties in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, and strive to national food safety risk assessment
center into a reasonable talent structure, technical reserves sufficient scientific credibility and influence in the international food safety authority
technical support agencies.

China's first national professional and technical food safety risk assessment institution, the CFSA is expected to play a major role in building up the country's food safety research and scientific regulatory capacity, enhancing food safety quality, protecting public health and strengthening international cooperation and communication in this field.