The International Food Information Council Foudnation shared information regarding an isolated BSE case in northeast France.  

French authorities have confirmed a single isolated case of BSE "mad cow disease" in the northeast region of France. Cows in the area will be restricted from sale for meat consumption. French authorities formally notified the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Previously, France was deemed to have "negligible risk" regarding BSE. It is possible that OIE may change their assessment of the risk level in France, as the animal in question was less than 11 years old. 

The French agriculture department advised that consumers should not be alarmed. Officials said the detected case shows that the system of checks are efficient throughout the food chain and this should not have consequences for the consumer. 

The IFIC Foundation has updated their Questions and Answers about Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)  document emphasizing that there is no immediate, significant threat to human health from the current discovery. They are promoting this resource through their social media channels. They will be further updating the Q&A as and when statements are available from other food and agriculture authorities. Please feel free to use this resource to help address any questions from consumers, the media or other stakeholders.

They would also like to draw your attention to a helpful communication resource,  Food Safety: A Communicator's Guide to Improving Understanding, which has a short section describing “Managing Food Safety Risks on the Farm." This contains a consumer-focused description of zoonotic diseases, including BSE, on pages 37 and 38.