Nutrition & Disease Prevention

Chronic Disease

Diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on individual risk for chronic disease. This consists of consuming a balanced diet and regular exercise. Being informed about strategies to improve health and nutrition can be very beneficial to our health.

Nutrient Deficiency

Essential nutrients, such as calcium and potassium, are vital to our overall health and wellness. Despite advances in science, healthcare, and the food supply, nutrient deficiencies still exist today. Modern food processes, such as fortification, help consumers to achieve the recommended amounts of some nutrients. Knowing what amount of different nutrients you should consume, symptoms of deficiency and underlying causes can help identify and treat these conditions.

Special Populations

Proper nutrition throughout life is critical to healthy growth and development, and to maintaining an active lifestyle. Certain populations such as children, aging adults, the immunocompromised, and women who are pregnant or nursing may be more vulnerable to specific disease risks. Fortunately, making a few small dietary and lifestyle changes may reduce or eliminate these risks.