A paper titled “Why low calories: count: The effective use of low calorie sweeteners (LCS) in today’s diet and lifestyle choices” (1-2 April 2014), Brussels, Belgium was published in Nutrition Bulletin on behalf of the British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin, 39, 386-389. This consensus paper summarizes current evidence on the benefits of LCS, as reviewed by a panel of independent experts at the International Sweeteners Association Conference in Brussels, in April 2014. 

Among Key Conclusions:
1) LCS do no increase appetite and have no discernible effect on satiety.
2) LCS help to reduce energy when used in place of higher energy ingredients

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Paper’s  Authors include S. Gibson*, A. Drewnowski†, J. Hill, A. B. Raben, H. Tuorila, E. Widström** and on behalf of the International Sweeteners Association
*Sig-Nurture, Ltd., Guildford, Surrey, UK;
University ofWashington Center for Obesity Research, Washington, DC, USA;
Anschutz Health andWellness Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA;
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
Department of Sensory Food Science, University of Helsinki, Finland;
**National Institute for Health andWelfare, Helsinki, Finland